Jarn’s Journal Year 10 Day 213 #sffsat

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Year 10 day 213

I couldn’t get the taste of that pig out of my memory.

My people do eat meat, though they make sure the animals live a happy life first, and are killed quickly and without fear. The People follow an animal to its exhaustion – hardly a death without fear, but I do eat the meat they bring in. Still, I cannot bring myself to hunt a healthy animal.

If one is attacking me, or injured so badly that I know it will die soon, I feel justified in using my abilities to give it a swift, painless death and then eat it. But hunting? My skills as a hunter are not up to giving a clean death, and I cannot help but feel it would be a misuse of my mental talents to kill a healthy animal that means me no harm.

That leaves scavenging, usually a sick, old, or very young animal, as these are what most wild predators target.

Jarn’s Journal is the journal of a human-like alien who was stranded in Africa some 125,000 years ago. He has met a group of our ancestors, the People. His story is part of the remote back story of the universe in which my science fiction is set. (See the sidebar: all books are on Amazon.) For all of Jarn’s Journal to date, see my author site.

Perhaps a very young pig?

I teleported to one of the areas where I knew the wild pigs were common, on the northern continent. The acorns and pistachios are ripe and abundant, and the pigs are eating them greedily. I opened my mind to pig, alert also for any feeling of pain or fear. There – for an instant I was paralyzed, feeling the leopard’s fangs at my neck. The years must have hardened me, for I came out of the paralysis almost at once, to end the young pig’s life and teleport it to me. It would not have lived long, I saw, the leopard’s fangs had almost pierced its spinal cord.

About sueannbowlingauthor

Sue Ann Bowling earned a bachelor’s degree in physics at Radcliffe/Harvard and a Ph.D. in geophysics from the University of Alaska. After thirty years of teaching, she retired to focus on writing. Bowling has lived in Alaska for fifty years. Visit her Web site on canine color genetics at http://bowlingsite.mcf.com/Genetics/Genetics.html.
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6 Responses to Jarn’s Journal Year 10 Day 213 #sffsat

  1. Peter Vialls says:

    I didn’t think Jarn would have any trouble finding a pig. He takes the moral approach in choosing his prey – I half expected him to debate taking a meal from the leopard.

  2. I’m afraid my first thought was “roadkill!”

  3. ralfast says:

    I would be interested in seeing the impact of Jarn presence on The People and their descendants throughout human history.

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