Jarn’s Journal Year 10 Day 116 #sffsat

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Year 10, Day 116

As the time of the gather approaches each year, I am afire with eagerness. Who has been born? Who has died, or been injured? What new pairings will be acknowledged? Will they enjoy the thank-gifts I have brought them? What can I do for them without interfering? Above all, I look forward to the relief they bring from aloneness.

When they leave, as the last did yesterday, I am just as relieved to see them gone for another year.

So what shall I do while the People are following the game? Rest, I think, to start with, but I know I’ll get bored with that soon enough. Continue west from the volcanic island, to see if I really glimpsed a continent of ice? Turn east from the northern peninsula, to find if it’s a peninsula or an island? Map the interior of the northern continent, which so far I have seen only in fall and winter? I’d have to be careful about that, as I do not wish to influence the northern hunters as I have the People.

Perhaps I should spend some time with Patches, who at the moment is very heavy on my feet.

Jarn’s Journal is the journal kept by a human-like alien, Jarn, who was stranded in Africa some 125,000 years ago. The People are our own remote ancestors; the northern hunters (in Europe) are Neanderthals. For a longer version of today’s snippet see my main blog; for the journal to date see my author site.


About sueannbowlingauthor

Sue Ann Bowling earned a bachelor’s degree in physics at Radcliffe/Harvard and a Ph.D. in geophysics from the University of Alaska. After thirty years of teaching, she retired to focus on writing. Bowling has lived in Alaska for fifty years. Visit her Web site on canine color genetics at http://bowlingsite.mcf.com/Genetics/Genetics.html.
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10 Responses to Jarn’s Journal Year 10 Day 116 #sffsat

  1. Peter Vialls says:

    He may be alien, but Jarn at times shows very human emotions – I know exactly how he feels about family gatherings…

  2. jccassels says:

    Sounds like me when family reunion time rolls around each year!

  3. I like his explorations. I enjoy trying to determine where he is.

    • Oh, he’ll be exploring some more. But I have to decide among Greenland, interior Europe or Asia. Or a bit of time with Patches before she dies of old age. (10 is pretty old for a free-living wild dog.)

  4. I love that Jarn always has to balance his interest and care for the People (and other hunters) with his respect for their culture, and his need to not interfere in it. Lovely.

  5. amergina says:

    I do love Jarn and his observations and his ever-present need to be a part of…but knowing he can’t fully be a part of…the world he’s found himself on. He’s both human and alien.

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