Jarn’s Journal Year 9 Day 116 #scifiSat

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I had totally forgotten that I defined year one of my calendar as starting on the first northward equinox after my crash landing.

Which, among other things, means that Patches is almost 10 years old. For a mammal species of her size, that’s close to an expected life span.

She seems perky enough today, though, so I compared the results of my exploration to date with my first impressions of the planet, including those recorded by the escape capsule – if any. I really didn’t expect to find much, as most of the computer capability would have been busy trying to get the capsule down in one piece, but to my astonishment the crashing ship had acquired considerably more data than I had realized, and transmitted it to storage in the escape capsule’s library. I’d been far too busy staying alive those first few fivedays to query the computer about something I didn’t even know was there, and even now I did not expect a lot of new data.

The areas I had mapped agreed with the data in the computer’s memory, and usually with more detail – clouds had hidden a great deal of the surface. One thing I was pretty sure of after studying the computer data, though. This planet does indeed have ice caps at both poles. The one to the south is considerably south of this continent. But the continent to the north, where much of the land north of the region I have explored is snow-covered in the winter and even has perennial snow on the mountains, might even extend to the ice cap.

Jarn’s Journal is the alleged journal of a human-like alien stranded in Africa some 125,000 years ago. For a longer version of this post see my main blog; for the entire journal to date, see my author site. Jarn’s Journal gives some of the back story of the Confederation in which most of my science fiction is set.


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Sue Ann Bowling earned a bachelor’s degree in physics at Radcliffe/Harvard and a Ph.D. in geophysics from the University of Alaska. After thirty years of teaching, she retired to focus on writing. Bowling has lived in Alaska for fifty years. Visit her Web site on canine color genetics at http://bowlingsite.mcf.com/Genetics/Genetics.html.
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6 Responses to Jarn’s Journal Year 9 Day 116 #scifiSat

  1. Even fictional travelers have to deal with the darned snow! Who’s ready for spring? *raises hand*

    • The calendar I’ve developed for Jarn (based on orbital mechanics of roughly 125,000 years ago with increased eccentricity and perihelion in northern summer) puts day 116 approximately equal to our July 10, but hotter because the sun is a little closer. Northern Solstice (first day of summer in Europe) would be day 97.

  2. S.A. Check says:

    Would that have been the first recorded polar vortex? I really enjoy the detail of the length of Jarn’s journey measured through the life expectancy of Patches, very symbolic and builds great depth to his character.

    • It’ll be a comparison with human lifetimes soon. And there’s always a polar vortex (or rather two of them, one at each pole.) They just usually stay over the poles where they belong. (And it sounds exciting to the media.)

  3. Peter Vialls says:

    Jarn keeps his feelings firmly controlled – and yet every now and again there is a hint of how much he does care for the people and creatures around him.

  4. At least as far as what he records.

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