Jarn’s Journal Year 3 Day 74 #sffsat

 Year 3 Day 74

These people age.

Storm CloudI know it, but I keep forgetting it. Animals age. My people don’t, but these People who have come to be so important to me age and die of that aging.

I knew Storm Cloud was old – her teeth are worn to stumps, her skin is wrinkled, and she moves with increasing difficulty, but somehow I didn’t realize she might be approaching her end. Until now.

Something has gone wrong in her brain, probably a blocked blood vessel. Her speech has become labored and slurred, and she cannot seem to move her left side. Songbird was sure I could help, but this is something quite different from setting a broken bone or fighting infection. I am no Healer, and I think even a Healer might not be able to help her beyond clearing the blockage.

For a longer version of this post, see my main blog. All of Jarn’s Journal to date is on my author site. And if you want to read more science fiction/fantasy snippets like this, or want to join in by posting your own, check out  Science Fiction and Fantasy Saturday. And for glimpses into the world that results from Jarn’s actions, read my books.


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Sue Ann Bowling earned a bachelor’s degree in physics at Radcliffe/Harvard and a Ph.D. in geophysics from the University of Alaska. After thirty years of teaching, she retired to focus on writing. Bowling has lived in Alaska for fifty years. Visit her Web site on canine color genetics at http://bowlingsite.mcf.com/Genetics/Genetics.html.
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12 Responses to Jarn’s Journal Year 3 Day 74 #sffsat

  1. Oh, poor Storm Cloud. Strokes are hard on the patient and the care-giver. I can feel Jarn’s sadness in his words.
    PS: your link on the SFF Saturday site didn’t work.

  2. I understand Jarn’s helplessness in this situation. Sad, indeed. (If it means anything, your link worked fine for me. Did you fix it?)

  3. Aston West says:

    Link worked fine for me as well…and it’s sad that even a Healer couldn’t help reverse the effects of a stroke.

  4. jccassels says:

    The link worked fine for me as well.

    I love the poignancy of this snippet.

  5. T.K. Toppin says:

    Very nice snippet. You can feel Jarn’s helplessness in wanting to help, but unable to.

  6. So sad. I know just how he feels!

  7. J.M. Blackman says:

    You’ve always got a great mix of strong elements in your snippet; this one has amazing details and a great emotional pull, while still maintaining his voice. Excellent.

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