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Jarn’s Journal Year 2 Day 335

Jarn is a human-like alien who was stranded on Earth roughly 125,000 years ago. He has found a band of early humans, and in spite of his species’ bar against interfering he cannot leave them to die — which is … Continue reading

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Jarn’s Journal #sffsat

This is a segment from Jarn’s Journal, the journal kept by a fictitious alien who was stranded in Africa roughly 125,000 years ago. The end of his story is the foundation of the Jarnian Confederation, the interstellar civilization in which … Continue reading

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Jarn’s Journal Year 2, Day 325 #sffsat

Once again, I am giving a snippet of Jarn’s Journal. This is part of the early prehistory of the Confederation, site of my award-winning science fiction novels, Tourist Trap and Homecoming. A slightly longer version of this snippet may be … Continue reading

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Jarn’s Journal Year 2 Day 324 #SFFSat

It’s now my fourth day of searching, and I still have not found them. I did see a band yesterday—not the people I am looking for, but their ornaments were similar. I thought it over last night and most of … Continue reading

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