Jarn’s Journal Year 2, day 122: Day 736 since my arrival

This is a selection from the Journal of Jarn, a human-like alien who was stranded on Earth, in Africa, roughly 125,000 years ago. It is also a part of the remote backstory of my science fiction universe. The Jarninan Confederation is the background for Homecoming and Tourist Trap, both set between two and three centuries ago, and my WIP, a trilogy set in our own time. I’m posting bits from the WIP on Six Sentence Sunday.

Year 2, Day 122

Last night I dreamed of flying.

It’s not something I’m very good at. I’m afraid once I decided to become an engineer and design starships I didn’t pay much attention to my esper lessons. But I’ve done a lot of esper work over the last two years. Teleporting, perceiving, and telekinesis, mostly, but I’m dong all three much better than I ever did at home. So why not try levitation?

Not flying, exactly. But one of the things I’ve found I can do is teleport to a distinctive landmark. The higher I am, the better my chances of spotting a distant landmark I can use as a destination.

There is a slightly longer version of this selection on my main blog; Jarn’s entire Journal to date is on my author site. And don’t forget to visit the other authors on Science Fiction and Fantasy Saturday.

About sueannbowlingauthor

Sue Ann Bowling earned a bachelor’s degree in physics at Radcliffe/Harvard and a Ph.D. in geophysics from the University of Alaska. After thirty years of teaching, she retired to focus on writing. Bowling has lived in Alaska for fifty years. Visit her Web site on canine color genetics at http://bowlingsite.mcf.com/Genetics/Genetics.html.
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11 Responses to Jarn’s Journal Year 2, day 122: Day 736 since my arrival

  1. So much packed into this snippet about Jarn, hinting at his abilities, his background.

    Every time I see how many days have passed since his arrival, I feel a little sad for him. : (

  2. The snippet says so much about character and setting in such a short space. Nicely done.

  3. Flying would be such a great thing! Good that Jarn’s keeping in touch with his talents.

  4. T.K. Toppin says:

    Poor Jarn. I hope he manages to be successful with his flying…good stuff as usual.

  5. nrgalloway24 says:

    I am looking forward to reading more. I love novels when authors use psychic abilities like telekinesis and levitation. This is a great example of how to pass on information while keeping it appealing and exciting to the reader. Thanks for sharing!

  6. It’s amazing what one can and will do when they run out of other things to do. 😉 Jarn’s thinking is very logical, and I hope he is successful in his endeavor. Levitation would be a good trick to pick up.

  7. Gayle Ramage says:

    Great to learn more about Jarn and his abilities. 🙂

  8. Yes! I want Jarn to get out there and find someone!

  9. purpleliquid says:

    Interesting stuff. Would be useful to have some of these abilities.

  10. pippajay says:

    I would think teleportation is more time efficient than levitation would be.

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